Wonderful Benefits of Metal Photo Prints

Can you print your photos and images on metal? The answer is yes! Metaleks provide metal photo printing services that allow you to print any image or photo onto metal. The result will be much better than the regular paper photo prints. You can see the difference right away.

So, what are the benefits of metal photo prints? Metal photo printing is the new way to print photos and images, and it offers various advantages when compared to regular paper or vinyl printing. Metal photo prints will give you an even better way to decorate your room, whether you want to place them on the walls or on your desk. Here are the 7 wonderful benefits of metal photo prints:

  1. Metal Photo Prints Can Withstand Heat

Did you know metal photo prints can withstand heat? Yes, you won’t damage the metal photo prints if you expose it to the heat of fire or the heat of the sunlight. So, your metal photo prints will stay intact when you expose it to any heat by accident, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your precious photos.

  1. The Metal Panel is Lightweight and Easy to Install

Metal photo prints use the metal panel that is lightweight and easy to install. It uses the aluminum material along with different coatings that will make your photos look glossy and beautiful. The lightweight nature of the metal photo prints will make it easy for you to place it anywhere in your room. You can also pick any type of frame to use with your metal prints, so you can display it on the walls or on your desk.

  1. Scratch-Resistant Metal Panel to Prevent Damages

The metal panel we use to print your photos on metal will be scratch resistant, meaning that you don’t need to worry about scratching it and damaging it from time to time. The glossy finish of the metal panel helps to protect it from scratches, so your precious photos and images will always get protected from damages. With the scratch-resistant metal panel, you can display your metal photo prints anywhere and not worry about them falling down or getting scratched by accident.

  1. The Photos Stay Vibrant and Colorful for a Long Time

Metal photo prints from Metaleks will give you the photos that stay vibrant and colorful for a long time. The reason is that the metal panel, along with the coatings, will protect the photos from any fading. You don’t need to worry about fading images or photos on your metal photo prints because it will stay vibrant and colorful, even under consistent sun exposure. You can feel at ease knowing that sunlight exposure can’t make your metal photo prints fade away except after 100 years, which is the reason it’s great for archiving your best photos and images.

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Easy to Clean

One aspect of metal photo prints you can appreciate is that it is very easy to clean. When you print photos or images on paper, the photos will get damaged when they get any stain by accident. It’s not the case with metal photo prints. Metal photo prints are easy to clean, so you can clean it right away even if you got it stained by accident. You can just wipe it clean or use some cleaning solutions to clean your metal photo prints. Again, your photos or images will stay intact when you clean it.

  1. You Can Choose between Modern and Traditional Style

There are various frames you can choose for your metal photo prints, and metal photo prints will look good on any frame. So, it’s up to you whether you want to use a modern or traditional style for your metal photo prints. You can just pick the right frame to place it in your room, and you can adapt the look and feel of your metal photo prints with different frames. There’s always a way for you to make your metal photo prints look good in your room.

  1. It Gives a Premium Look to Your Photos and Images

Printing on regular photo papers might give you an acceptable look for your photos and images. However, metal photo prints can give you an upgraded look for your photos and images. You can make your photos and images look more premium when you print them on metal instead of printing them on regular photo papers. The premium look will make your room look way better than when you are using the regular photo papers to print your images and photos. So, it’s best for you to use metal photo prints to give your room a massive improvement in appearance.


These are the wonderful benefits of metal photo prints. You can print any photo or image on metal with Metaleks metal printing services. Just upload your file on our website and start printing your photos and images on metal right away!