HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية
HD طباعة معدنية

HD طباعة معدنية

Turning memories into the radiance of metal, we craft the most special gift for you, allowing precious moments to shine forever.
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make your images clearer

We will do our utmost to enhance the clarity of your images. Every effort is dedicated to presenting the most vivid and realistic visuals. Your images will shine with brilliance and clarity, thanks to our unwavering commitment.

Gift ideas like no other.

The moment that means so much to you,make it shine by METALEKS.


The combination of unmatched color brilliance, superior durability and true generational archival qualities makes METALEKS the perfect choice for professional photo printing. METALEKS metal prints are the perfect High-Definition medium for displaying artwork and photography.


The advanced dye sublimation process employed in this high-definition printing technique enables the precise depiction of intricate details and the creation of vibrant colors that possess outstanding and accuracy. Metal Prints are made to uphold your vision through the test of time with a weatherproof, UV and scratch resistant surface.


At Metaleks, we understand how important your metal photo prints are. They carry your most cherished moments, the breathtaking views that you love so much, and your closest friends and loved ones. We give the same attention to each of our metal prints just like we give attention to our own favorite photos. You can trust us to handle your metal prints with love.

موعد العرض


ستكون هذه المطبوعة المعدنية عالية الدقة هدية خاصة ، إنها عمل فني ذو قيمة خاصة بالنسبة لي.

جوي ر

لقد طلبت مرتين من Metaleks
واحدة من أجل زفافي واليوم لعائلتنا ، غاية في الجمال.

آنا ت

لقد تلقيت طلبي للتو ، أحب التفاصيل ، شكرًا جزيلاً لك! بالتأكيد سوف أشتري المزيد قريباً.


أنا أحب صورتي المعدنية!

الجودة واللون مثاليان! شكرًا لك!

ستيفاني ر.

مدهش! نوعية جيدة جدا !!
سأطلب المزيد مع صور زفافنا!

ديب هـ.

المطبوعات المعدنية
خرجت وأنا أنظر كما كنت أتمنى.

ستيفاني ر.

نحن نحبها! انها
مثالي لمكتب زوجي!

باري يو.

سعيدة للغاية ، في المرة الأولى التي طلبت فيها مطبوعات معدنية لغرفة المعيشة الخاصة بي. جميلة جدا !

جاستن أو

لطالما أحببت حلوى العين لهذه المصاصة.

جايد سي.

شوهدت مؤخرا


All Metal prints sizes are in inches.

It will take 7-10days.

We have two options for shipping, By express takes 10-14 working days,By Air takes 6-8 working days.
Remark:Within 24 hours after you place the order, we may contact you due to problems with the pictures you uploaded. Please pay attention to the email address you left when placing the order. If the customer fails to confirm the size of the picture in time due to personal reasons, we will make according to the default standard.

Need to contact customer service within 24 hours.

No, our metal prints feature each design, edge to edge. No white borders.If there is a white edge, we will contact you to cut off the problem.

There is a discount code input box on the checkout interface, each order can only use the discount once.

You can contact our after-sales service email.

We're proud to say we have shipped metal prints to thousands of happy customers around the world! Check out our reviews page here. All orders are placed on a SSL secure checkout page. Your payment information is encrypted and does not get stored on our server.

Please reach out to us if your order is damaged or lost in transit. We will give a solution after verifying whether the order is damaged

We ship orders via USPS, UPS.