Upload picture standard


Please submit the data according to the following conditions.

* For the submission destination, please see the automatic delivery email sent after ordering.

[Submission conditions]

・ Please check the submitted size table and prepare the size data according to your order size. >> Submission size table (PDF)

* Additional data is required for full-page printing data.

Please create data with a size about 6 to 10 mm larger than the actual size. The amount of extra coating that sticks out of the real thing is not transferred.

-File format: JPEG format or TIFF format (RAW data is not accepted)

* Please add the extension ".jpg or .tiff" to indicate that the file is in image format.

-File name: Alphanumerical notation of your company name (name) (eg piotec.jpg / piotec.tif)

-Since the photo panel is a square with rounded corners, the design is not transferred to the four corners.

・ If the submitted data is different from the specified size and conditions, you may be asked to resubmit.

・ If the aspect ratio of the submitted data is different from that of the product, the top, bottom, left, and right may be cut off according to the center.

・ Color adjustment is performed using our color profile. Please note that we cannot accept instructions such as "color specification".

・ Images that are offensive to public order and morals and images that we have determined are not suitable for using this service cannot be used. In addition, if those images are included, we may cancel all orders. Please see the terms of use for details.

[! ] When uploading photos taken with a smartphone Even photos taken with a smartphone can be printed as long as they meet the pixel count.

Ex) When shooting with the standard iPhone X camera (back camera) Since the photo size is 3,024 x 4,032px, you can print up to 8 x 10 inches (2,469 x 3,071px).

* There may be no problem with printing even if the number of pixels is insufficient. Please feel free to contact us.

■ For iPhone users You cannot check the number of pixels of the photo you took with the "Photo" app. A separate app is required for confirmation.

* It is easy to check "Bestigator", "photosecure", etc.

■ For Android users You can check the number of pixels in the details and properties of the "Photos" app.

* Varies depending on the model.

For both iPhone / Android, if you shoot / process with the camera app instead of the standard camera, the resolution may be lower, so please be sure to check.