Metal Photo Prints – The Complete Guide

Looking to print your favorite photos, animation arts, and celebrity pictures? Metal photo printing is the trend today. Unlike paper printing, metal photo printing offers superior printing quality and various other benefits. Metaleks is the metal photo printing service provider that offers high-quality metal photo prints to keep your photos and images looking their best for a long time. This is the complete guide about metal photo prints.

Choosing the Finish for Your Metal Photo Prints

The first thing you need to do when you decide to print your photos on metal is to choose the finishing option for your metal photo prints. There are various finishing options you can choose for each metal print you have. You can choose between white and silver as the base color coating for the metal photo panel. These two coatings will give a unique look and feel for your metal photo prints. The white color coating will provide you with a sharp image with vibrant colors in high definition, while the silver color coating will provide you with a darker color tone and premium metal look and feel.

Next, you will need to pick the outer coating after choosing the base color coating for your metal photo prints. The outer coating options are glossy, satin, and matte. Each outer coating will give different effects on the look and feel of your image or photo. The glossy outer coating will give you the best premium look for the metal print. With its reflective effects, you can make your image or photo look much more premium when you display it on the wall. The matte outer coating will have no reflection or glare effect with lower contrast, while the satin outer coating will give the combined effects of glossy and matte.

Printing Photos and Images on Metal – The Process

Printing photos and images on metal is not the same process as printing on paper. With metal printing, there are additional steps that the printer needs to do to produce the best quality metal prints. Metaleks is the metal printing service provider that can give the best metal print products for the customers, as we use the high-quality materials in the printing process from start to finish.

Metal printing uses the technique called dye sublimation, which is the process that allows the images to have a direct infusion with the metal coating. This process provides a much better image print quality, vibrant colors, and much more durable prints. It uses a special printer designed to accommodate the metal printing process.

What Can You Expect for the Quality of the Metal Prints?

Metal photo prints can give you an excellent printing quality that can last for over 40 years. The colors won’t fade, and the metal panel is scratch-free. So, you can expect your photos and images to look their best when you print them on metal. However, it’s important to note that the overall quality of the metal prints will also depend on the metal printing materials used by the service provider, along with the skills of the metal printing service provider.

For the best printing quality, you will need to find the service provider that uses high-quality metal printing materials. They also need to know all about the metal printing process and how to create the best result for their metal prints. Metaleks is the metal printing service provider that can provide you with the best quality metal prints, no matter what the photos and images you are printing. We only use high-quality metal printing materials, and we have the expertise to produce the best print quality on metal.

The Other Benefits of Metal Photo Prints

Aside from providing the best print quality, metal photo prints also give you many other benefits. For instance, using a frame for your metal photo print is optional, so you can save plenty of money when you decide to print your photos and images on metal. Yes, you can put your metal print on a frame, but you can also put it on the wall without a frame.

You can also get the best durability for the photos you print on metal, as their colors won’t fade even after 40 years. So, you can archive your favorite photos without worrying about the images fading away or getting damaged. Metal photo prints have the best durability because they use the scratch-resistant aluminum material. Also, you can clean your metal photo prints with ease, just by using a damp cloth or a small amount of cleaning solution.

Where to Get High-Quality Metal Photo Prints?

Metaleks provide high-quality metal photo printing services that allow you to print your personal photos, animation images, and celebrity pictures on metal. We use the high-quality materials in our printing process, so you don’t need to worry about the quality you will get. Our metal photo prints are high quality and one of the best on the market today. Order your metal photo prints from Metaleks now!