About us

Once upon a time,in a small town on the coast of California, several young people from Canada, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong gathered together. With passionfor photography, painting, and design, this group of young people discovered a new way of printing by infusing images onto a coated aluminum panel. The results were breathtaking and so impactful that they inspired this group of young people to make this new way of printing available around the world. With the new metal printing method, photographs and artworks from all over the world can shine and thrive in their fullest potential. This is how METALEKS was born.

For all of the orders,a member of the METALEKS team will correct the colors for each photo to ensure that it produces the most vivid colors. We also set up various checkpoints throughout the printing and packaging process to ensure that each METALEKS product meets our highest standards of quality.

At METALEKS, we understand how important your metal photo prints are. They carry your most cherished moments, the breathtaking views that you love so much, and your closest friends and loved ones. We give the same attention to each of our metal prints just like we give attention to our own favorite photos. You can trustus to handle your metal prints with love.